Bath Products

Taking your time to relax and reduce stress can make you feel good about yourself. We at Ilus believe that the best way to relax after a long and stressful day is a hot, soothing bath. That’s why we are extremely happy to supply a wide range of bath products- 100% natural bath salts, bath truffles, soaps, body scrubs and scented soy wax candles to make your bath time even more enjoyable! Soaking in hot water is more powerful than one might think. In fact, there are quite a few definite health benefits to be gained.
Benefits of hot bath:
*Improving blood circulation- for temporary improvement of your circulation, taking a warm bath will cause your arteries and veins to expand, which gives more space for blood to flow. A similar effect can come from drinking hot tea or hot water.
*Decrease stress- probably one of the best known side effects of a warm bath is the way it reduces overall tension in the body and mind. For even more relaxing bath use one of JOIKs bath salts or bath truffles.
*Better sleep- bathing before bedtime raises body temperature, which, once you are out of the bath, begins to cool. This signals your body that it is time to rest, and you will gradually start to feel sleepy.
* Baths can help to relieve skin conditions- if you suffer from psoriasis or another skin condition, you’ve likely been prescribed medicated or oiled baths as a method of moisturizing your skin, sloughing off dead cells, and attempting to remove potential causes of infection.
* Baths with bath salts calm arthritic pain and muscle pain- using bath salt in your next bath can really help to reduce the amount of pain you get in your joints and muscles.
*Steam helps to reduce cold symptoms- one of the warm bath’s better qualities is as a treatment for symptoms is its function for winter cold-sufferers. We can’t make the common cold vanish, but getting yourself submerged in hot water targets two different elements of cold-management: steam therapy and overall body temperature.

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